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Delivery of cargoes from Europe

The European Union is important strategic and trade partner of Ukraine. Many of our businesses are purchasing in European goods such as clothing, footwear, construction materials, spare parts and accessories, and more. In view of the high cost of European products, for many business people it is more convenient to perform periodic purchases in small quantities.

Therefore, such service as transportation of cargoes from the EU is necessary in such cases is very handy. Green Cargo Shipping for more than 8 years provides a service for the delivery of cargoes from Europe to Ukraine and vice versa. This area is one of the highest priority for us, and therefore, the most elaborated.

Our company has established partnerships with the majority of the largest agency companies worldwide. We take full responsibility for the carriage of cargo and guarantee delivery on time, safe and sound.

Our scheme of work:

  • You are applying, which specify parameters such goods as: name, type of cargo, weight, volume;
  • Our staff, evaluating all the data, calculates the cost of transportation and defines the necessary terms;
  • Preparation and execution of documentation for the goods;
  • The consolidation, packaging, labeling;
  • Organization of transport, with regular tracking of movement of cargo along the way;
  • Customs clearance at the final destination.