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The company Green Cargo Service, among other logistics services, arranges for its customers and railway transportation of goods in any direction. Transportation is carried out as required tonnage containers (from 3 to 40 tons) and cars of all kinds. Our experts have the necessary experience and expertise to develop the most profitable routes, calculating the value of w / d transportation, optimization schemes and tariffs involvement of rolling stock.

The advantages of rail transport.

The European rail network for more than 20 000 km long.

It stretches from Portugal to Russia and from the Arctic circle to the Bosporus. Even where the railway track has a different width, it is possible to continue the transportation of rail transport. F / A transportation benefit both financially and in terms of saving time, which is a crucial factor for many of our customers moving company.


In some cases, delivery by rail to 1.5 times faster than shipping by sea, at equal price conditions.

It should be noted that the delivery of containers by rail can solve almost any problem on transportation construction, perishable material, dimensions and oversized cargo, heavy, dangerous and delicate goods.

A significant advantage is the fact that for such transportation is not affected by seasonality. Thus, the train speed does not depend on the weather conditions and pricing - the time of year.

Bottom line: this type of cargo movement demonstrates a low cost service with high safety of the goods, which largely determines its popularity.

Turning to our company, you are guaranteed to get:

  • The complexity of the service;
  • Strictly individual, personalized approach;
  • The possibility of cooperation with reliable partners;
  • The ability to monitor goods in transit;

Organization of careful and timely delivery of the goods from the customer to the recipient - is not the only challenge faced by our experts. We offer you a comprehensive logistics consulting, including route optimization, cargo insurance, as well as assistance in customs clearance of the necessary documents.