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Freight forwarding is the special type of transporting services connected with the convoying and organizing of proper cargo delivery. According to statistics, it is the most demanded service in the freight forwarding field these days, and there are different reasons for this kind of popularity. First, this service is very convenient. Second, it is affordable. And third, it is safe. This means that its main goal is to simplify the life of cargo owners in the best way possible.

Green Cargo Shipping Company has been arranging freight forwarding to different directions for a long period of time. We are willing to provide our clients with a high level of services and the fast solution of all legal, organizational and other problems that often arise during the process of cargo delivery. Our professionals design special routes properly in order to prevent cargo shipping from becoming a very expensive endeavor. They plan each step, process the transshipment of goods from one transportation type to another if it is needed. When it comes to any unavoidable downtime, they place goods in warehouses. 

As a rule, forwarding includes such an important part of delivery as executing all the necessary documents and customs invoices, organizing how to go through all kinds of required checks, and so on. Everything is done to help our customers avoid the necessity to think about these complicated details. The only thing that is left for you to do is to get your cargo at its final destination. 

If you decide to contact us, you can be sure to save a great deal of time and your own health because you only need to pay and sign a contract to enjoy benefits. 

So, there are such points included in the package of our basic services:

  • The fast solution of all arising problems.
  • Monitoring the condition of goods during their delivery.
  • Their high quality storage and shipping.
  • The safe loading, storing and transshipping of goods.
  • Managing a full package of documents. 

Our clients often decide to order the so-called “door to door” delivery. This is when their cargo is delivered not only to any place of our planet, but it can also be transported to the particular street according to their given address. 

We can deliver goods by road, rail, air and sea.

Doing our job  we do our best to meet all expectations of our customers while providing the 100% safety of their cargo and its delivery in the shortest time limits.