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More and more representatives of small and medium business in Ukraine, working under the direction of the Chinese resorted to the service delivery of cargoes from / to China. And this is quite logical. Through this service you can avoid the high cost of transportation, booking transportation of small shipments and accordingly paying only a portion of the container volume (LCL).

This is especially beneficial to those who are engaged in regular maritime transport of small batches. But even if you are interested in sending a one-time, the service is as well as possible to the article. For example, in order to assess the economic benefits of trade in certain types of goods can be ordered for a small batch testing.

Or, in order to assess the sheer quality of the selected products. Transportation of cargoes are container packaging small quantities of goods of different customers, but at the final destination and the vehicle all of them shared.

List the advantages of modular cargoes

  • Convenience - the ability to download only a part of the container a small party;
  • Reliability - the carriage of goods by sea are the safest;
  • Save - you only pay for the occupied space;

Moving cargo from China Sea - one of the top priorities of Green Cargo Shipping Company. We are already more than a year at sea shipping market, we have established partnerships with leading agency companies all over the world, in China in particular. We have an experienced team and the favorable conditions.