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One of the most promising and rapidly developing areas of the company Green Cargo Shipping is the transportation of cargoes from the US and China to Ukraine and EU countries.

Our company guarantees the timely delivery of small batches of your goods at a reasonable price.

Here is the scheme of work:

  1. After the transfer of the shipper of your goods to our agent, we>are consolidating the party container  in our warehouse.
  2. After loading the container we carry it into the ship and delivered to the port of destination.
  3. Upon arrival at the destination port, we, at your request, we can carry out in-port forwarding and delivery of cargo to thecustoms clearance or, on your behalf, to carry out customs clearance of our forces and deliver the goods to your warehouse.

In cases when you need to quickly deliver small consignment service for the delivery of cargoes - the optimal solution in terms of minimizing transport costs, which in the realities of today's important.

The company Green Cargo Shipping offers service for transporting cargo from the United States and China to Ukraine, the CIS countries, as well as in the ports of Europe member states of the European Union. We work with large batches and with loads of small size. You can order delivery and customs clearance of 1 cubic meter.

The benefits of using services for the delivery of cargoes:

  • Responsiveness - you get the required amount of cargo without waiting for ready production of large batches of container.
  • Saves current assets - you do not need to invest more working capital in the purchase of container shipments. You buy as many goods as you can quickly sell. So you minimize your costs and significantly increase the turnover of your money.

Advantages of Green Cargo Shipping:

  • Well-established scheme of consolidation of cargoes at the ports of shipment using its own warehouses, which minimizes the time of the transfer to us of the goods before their loading onto the ship.
  • An extensive network of offices in the USA and China makes it possible to minimize logistics costs ground delivery.
  • Online registration of shipping documents.
  • The staff of experienced employees who apply their knowledge and experience to implement any of your queries.
  • Thanks to the attention that we pay to each client, you will always have current information about the current whereabouts of your shipment, and the exact date of arrival.
  • Competitive prices.

By choosing our company as a partner, providing you with services for transportation of cargoes, you can be sure that entrusted to us the goods will be delivered to you on time and at the agreed cost of our services.


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