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According to Ukrainian law, for export or import of goods requires its proper customs clearance (customs clearance, cargo declaration).

Customs clearance - a professional term that describes a set of necessary formalities arising from the transfer of goods and transport. This procedure includes customs services, customs clearance and payment of customs duties. Customs services customs broker deals.

Customs broker - is a commercial organization that has the right to his own name to perform any operations on customs clearance of goods, and perform other necessary functions of the Customer.

Customs broker can only be licensed organization, since, according to the Ukrainian legislation gives it the right to provide licensed customs services and, therefore, to engage in customs clearance.

If you at least once had to deal with International shipping of goods, you imagine the importance of proper and prompt customs clearance of the cargo. To ensure the passage of goods without bureaucratic red tape, some companies have started up in various tricks, which is not always successful impact on the future of the organization.

With the company Green Cargo Shipping, you can forget about these problems. We offer our customers and provide a full range of customs clearance for import of goods to Ukraine (import) or export of goods from Ukraine (exports).

We will provide prompt and timely completion of all operations related to the customs clearance of your goods, and give you a full set of documents confirming its legal import or export. Our solid experience in cooperation with public authorities allow us to ensure that the customs clearance of goods without delay and postponements in the most optimal time.

Our company offers services of customs clearance of goods on an absolutely legal basis.

Green Cargo Shipping Specialists ensure execution of documents at any stage of the passage of cargo - from preliminary operations to the basic customs clearance. After preparation of the basic package of documents, we will carry out the delivery of goods to the temporary storage or customs warehouse. We are ready to provide customs services at each stage of the documentary control.

Most of our clients completely trust us realization of customs services within the framework of an order for the delivery of the goods, because they know that we do it in the best possible time and with minimal costs.

We help your business achieve its goals.