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Multimodal transportation of goods - a special kind of transport when delivery of goods from loading point to the final destination using more than one mode of transport, and more.

For example, you can load the goods in the container and send by sea, after which it will be overwhelmed in the train / railway, and then have the car delivered to the final destination.

In today's world most of the traffic is multimodal up, or, as they are called - Intermodal. The difference is that when such transportation the customer can use not only the various modes of transport, but also use the services of various carriers.

Such a service would be beneficial, such as in the case where one of the carrier-transport has its own and therefore can offer a better price.

Transportation and logistics company Green Cargo Shipping has many years experience in the market of international multimodal transportation. We have established partnerships with leading shipping lines, terminal operators and numerous cars and rail operators.

We work with all types of cargo, including oversized, heavy, dangerous or require compliance with the carriage of a special temperature regime.

We will help you to transport your cargo on time, at the best prices.

Entrust cargo professionals!